Why Your Business Needs An ATM

ATM customers spend an average of 20 to 25% more than non-ATM customers.

60% of Americans ages 25-34 and 51% ages 25-49 use ATM machines 8 times a month, withdrawing an average of $55.00 per transaction.

In 1994, there were 8.3 billion ATM transactions in the United States.

Bank ATMs average 6,400 transactions per month.

The most popular day for ATM usage is Friday.

Among people that use both credit and debit cards, debit cards are used most often. 5.9 times per month versus 5.1 times per month.

Independent studies show that cash retention among large retailers is 30-33%. Retention among smaller retailers is 35-40%.

Night clubs are seeing 70-80% of the dispensed cash staying at the club.

Retail location ATM machines that dispense $20.00 bills increase store sales by over 8%.

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